Great weather in the city. Where would you like to ride with a breeze near Batumi?

1. Botanical Garden. It is located just a 20-minute drive from Batumi and is an amazing place where you can plunge into an oasis of flowers and exotic plants.

2. Makhuntseti waterfall. The highest in mountainous Adjara. An hour's drive, but on the way there, stunning landscapes open up, and right across the road is the ancient bridge of Queen Tamara and a delicious restaurant.

3. Observation deck “Cross Gonio”. It is only 20 minutes from our office. This lookout offers amazing views in all directions. You can see Batumi, the sea, and even Türkiye.

4. Magnetic beach in Magnetity. There are really few sandy pleasant beaches in the region, so in a good mood you can get to the incredibly beautiful and soft black sand and have a picnic there.

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