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Welcome! We are Alexander and Irina, passionate motorcyclists and travelers. 9 months ago we moved to beautiful Batumi and founded our own service for renting and selling motorbikes.

🛵Why do you need a motorbike? During our many trips around the world, we realized that every trip can be unique and unforgettable if you travel on a motorbike. This type of transport gives you the opportunity to enjoy absolute freedom in choosing a route and time of travel, enjoy the beauties of the area that were previously not available.

🌿Riding a motorbike is a feeling of freedom and unity with nature. Feel the aromas of flowers on your skin, the breeze of the sea and soar in the clouds of happiness.

🇬🇪When we first came to Georgia, we were amazed by its endless beauty and hospitality. However, to our regret, we found that there was a significant drawback in Batumi - the lack of a quality service for renting and selling motorbikes. And we decided to fix it.

Now in our park there are 10 stylish, reliable and powerful motorbikes that are waiting for you to give you new vivid impressions and adventures! The opportunity to buy or rent a motorbike in Batumi has become more accessible thanks to our service. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of freedom and look for new horizons, we will be happy to help you with this!

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